Friday, August 19, 2011

Blog Post #2: History of the Internet

Please watch the other four videos in B-22 shared. Please write one sentence summarizing EACH video and one sentence saying wat you found most interesting about EACH video (this could be an interesting fact or an answer to the question "so what").

  1. "The History of the Internet" was about .... This video shows that the Internet was developed by ...


  1. The video Did You Know 4.0 was very interesting. The most interesting part was when the video announced that in about 25 years the easiest and fastest way to access the internet would be the size of a blood cell. The video A Brief History of the Internet wasn’t very interesting; the best thing about it was that the video tried to add some humor in it. The video History of the Internet was very interesting. I liked how the main idea of the video was to explain how the internet was created and how it was used. The video The Internet Explained wasn’t the most interesting, but I like how it is easy to understand even though most of it is already known to most people.

  2. 1. A brief history of the Internet was about the development of the internet. It showed that networking was first used and developed by scientist during war.
    2. Did you know 3.0 shows how technologically advanced the world is getting each year. This video shows what the future will hold.
    3. Did you know 4.0 was basically the sequel to did you know 3.0. It shows how we are seriously becoming "out with the old and in with the new."
    4. History of the internet was about the transition from arpanet to internet. Computers allow the transfer of data between each other.

  3. History of the internet: The internet is made up of these protocols made by many different countries.
    Did you know: Many people are going from old fashion TV and radios to phones and laptops.
    A Brief History of the Internet: All types of people use the internet for different things , and it’s fairly new.

  4. The Did You Know 4.0 was about how much all the technology increased the past few years and how much it will increase. A brief History of the internet (lotus) was about how the internet developed then changed. History of the internet was about how the internet began then how it is in the present. The internet Explained is about what the internet is and what some of the words like HTML mean.

  5. A brief history of the internet is about how the internet started and what it was uesed for fist.
    Did you know 4.0 showed how fast we are switching from radios and magazines to the internet.
    History of the internet is about about the switch of arpanet to internet and how a network shares data

  6. The video of the “did you know 4.0” was very interesting and that 2 million people have TV’s in their bathroom. “The history of the internet” was about the world wide web was the new way of surfing the internet. One the “History Of the internet” they were talking about protocol and how they would all pair up and make the internet. “The internet explained” was talking about every website has an IP address which has many numbers.

  7. A Brief History of the Internet:
    This video was about how the internet first came about and what it was generally used for.
    An interesting fact in this video would probably be that the internet was used during the Cold War.

    Did You Know 3.0:
    What I found interesting in this video was the fact that we are working towards jobs that haven’t even been created yet.
    This video is about how the internet was revolutionized the world and communication altogether.

    Did You Know 4.0:
    The most interesting thing I found in this video was how print circulation went down drastically, probably due to the new media.
    This video was about how new social networks have changed the ways of communication between most people.

    History of the Internet:
    This video was about how the style of computers as well as the use for the computer has changed since 1957.
    This video wasn’t as interesting as the others I had previously viewed, but a fact that interested me was packet-switching, and how it separated files and put themselves back together.

  8. 1. A brief history of the internet was about how the internet got started over time. This video shows that the internet was made not by one person but overtime and by a group of people.
    2. Did you know 4.0 was interesting because of the stats that it showed like youtube,facebook, and MySpace combined has more visitors than abc, nbc, and cbs.
    3. History of the internet basically showed how computers transfer information to another computer
    4. The internet explained shows what the internet is really for. It also said the internet is a vast number of different computers and networks around the world

  9. The “Did You Know 4.0” video was very interesting. It told me facts that I would have never known. Also, it told me fact I thought were true but are not. The most amazing fact is that 95 percent of downloaded songs were not paid for. This goes to show how corrupt the system is. I don’t know how artists are going to make livings with our advanced technology. Furthermore, past advertisements like newspapers and magazines have declined rapidly but digital technology has increased greatly. I think technological advances have positive and negative effects that will soon give our economy a new shape.
    The “A Brief History of the Internet” video is one of the more shocking videos. I had no clue that it started in 1957. Also, the fact that scientists all over the world had different sources was amazing. All of their different kinds came together to form the world wide web. It’s funny because I use it every day but never quite understood its origin until now. I will never take the Internet for granted due to the fact that it was so hard to accomplish. Our technology is amazing.
    The History of the Internet explained how we use the Internet currently.
    The Mysteries of the Internet video explain how data is transferred thousands of miles in a few seconds.

  10. the vedio history of the internet was about the diffrent protocols and the internet was developed by being able to comunicate and transfer data between computers.

  11. "History of the Internet" was about when the Internet was created and how it works. This video shows how much technology and how much work is used to make the internet work proprerly. "A Brief History of the Internet" is about how the U.S. used the internet to stop the Soviet Union during the Cold War. This videos are about things you would've never known about. They are useful and you learn wierd facts about the Internet.

  12. "The History of the internet" was about how the internet grew and expanded. This video shows how the internet was getting better every year. It said that it said why the internet was used and how it was used.

  13. When the internet was created it was used often by scientists, business people, and students ect. The internet was for everyone, WWW stands for World Wide Web. Another interesting fact was that it was actually developed during a war called Cold War.

  14. 1. The internet explained: This video explained how information is transfered from your computer to the internet through a series of networks. I found it really interesting that each and every computer has their own IP adress.

    2. A Brief History of the Internet (Lotus): This video described how the internet could be used for different things. I liked how they used the internet as a way to store data in war.

    3. History of the Internet: In this video, it was said that the internet is made up of four networks, ARPANET, RAND, NPL, and CYCLADES.
    I think it's cool that the internet would be able to survive through a nuclear explosion.

    4. Did You Know 4.0: This video describes how much we use the internet in our lives. I thought it was interesting how 95% of all songs downloaded last year weren't paid for.

  15. A Brief History Of Thr Intenet:
    this was an interesting video because i foun out little things like "www" stands for world wode web.whats cool about the internet is that anyone can use.

    The Internet Explained:
    its interesting how the internet can translate the address. it is amazing how information can travel thousands of miles in under a second.

    Did You Know:
    i cannot beleive that something that something that use to fit into a building now fits into your pocket and what fits intto your pocket will fit into a blood cell in 25 interesting fact that i learned was that 17% of U.S. companies have disciplined an employee for violating blog or message board policy.

  16. 1. A brief history of the internet was basically about how the internet was invented and how it grew over the years.
    2. Did you know 3.0 was about how much technology is growing and what could happen in the future.
    3. Did you know 4.0 was about how we use the internet in our everyday lives.
    4. The internet explained was about how the internet works and how things are transfered through the internet.

  17. The thing I found interesting about the video The Internet Explained was that every computer connected to the internet has a unique address.
    The thing I found interesting about the video Did You Know 4.0 was when they said so what used to fit in a building now fits in your pocket, what fits in your pocket now will fit inside a blood cell.
    The thing that I liked about the video A Brief History of the Internet(Lotus) was that they tried to make it funny, but I feel like it was information people already knew.